Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation

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Formulated to help minimize shine and absorb excess oil without clogging pores or drying out the skin, this velvety plant-based formula performs both as a foundation and powder for a smooth, matte finish. *REFILLABLE: Refills do not include compact or Luxury Sponge.

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Apply with a dry sponge to create an ultra matte finish or use a moist sponge for a sheer, fresh appearance.

33 reviews for Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation

  1. Valora

    I absolutely love this powder foundation and have been using it for a few years now. It looks very natural (I wear the Extra Light Beige) and never irritates. The quality cannot be beat.

  2. Shirlee

    I agree….this is the best mineral foundation. I always shied away from mineral foundations because they looked like a mask. This is totally different. I have rosacea and it’s the only foundation I can use. I just use Cerave moisturizer right before I apply it. I also use a foundation brush to get in the tight places then a big brush to brush it all over. It looks healthy and I know that it’s good for my skin. I use the extra light beige in creases and brush the light beige all over and I look instantly healthy and glowing. And it’s not too matte or too shiney. It’s perfect. My skin looks like velvet.

  3. Amber

    Love how this foundation goes on and wears. Doesn’t make me break out like so many of the department store brands used to. My only complaint is that when it gets low, it sort of disintegrates into a mess, and it becomes quite messy/a hassle to use the last bit at the end. I should be able get another 1-2 weeks of use out of it but always have to throw it out and get a new one before its completely gone because it’s not worth it to try to use it up at the end. Kind of wasteful. I love it enough that I keep buying it but wish there was a solution for my problem. Maybe I’m doing something wrong??

  4. Ms. Maggie

    Love this since it is soft and smooth and does not have those shiny particles either. But mainly, this is so good for you since it does not have silicones in it like most mineral foundations that are in a pan or even most that are liquid in tubes. It also does not have bismuth that can cause irritation like the best selling but bad-for-skin mineral foundations. Look at the label and smile. I love to add the apricot blush on top and the conceal under the eyes for more pop. PS For the person using Cerave products, those can have silicone and can clog your pores and prevent normal defoliation, which is so important when having any skin disorder. Rethink using that. I would just wait after cleansing to allow natural oils to form (learned this when I have to use any type of medicine on the face so they do not irritate) and then apply your makeup. I wait until my hair is done and other items; that can really add up in time. You may not need anything underneath this since also has natural emollients. I even got rid of silicones in my hair products and my skin is so much better!!!

  5. livingwheatfree (verified owner)

    I used Neutrogena Skin Clearing liquid foundation for 10 years because I was deathly afraid to switch makeups. My skin is SUPER sensitive and I have loads of allergies. I finally decided to try something natural because I was trying to clear all of my personal care products of products that could contain gluten (I have a bad allergy), but I also have to be careful of things like tapioca, red tea (Mineral Fusion has that in their makeup), fragrance, and other random things.

    I tried this powder and was sure it wasn’t going to work, but lo and behold, I didn’t break out! In fact, my skin detoxed and cleared up.

    The powder is full coverage. I never would have believed that a powder could cover this well, but it does. I’m a pale olive complexion and light beige matches my skin exactly. Extra light beige is very white, so that’s more for people who have porcelain skin. The makeup lasts all day and looks great on. It comes with a luxury sponge that spreads the powder on perfectly. This is the makeup I use on a day-to-day basis now. I love it!

  6. Tanya (verified owner)

    In a quest to start converting over to all natural, vegan, cruelty free cosmetic products I chose this dual powder in medium beige. I absolutely love it and recommend to anyone that asks. I feel good knowing I am not placing a laundry list of chemicals on my face. I am 38 years old with normal to oily skin, some sun spots and an occasional pimple. I never exeperience any redness or irritation from this product and it provides great coverage while not feeling heavy. I will be faithful to this product for as long as it is made 🙂

  7. Gloria

    This dual powder foundation has been a revelation. Not only it is good for you, but it looks good on you. This is not your run of the mill makeup, no, no it outshines and outperforms the high end brands. This powder MELTS into your skin giving you an iridescent glow. I am in love. I am minimalist and appreciate a brand that is conscious of its ingredients and its consumers, and furthermore appreciate the fact that the makeup I am applying onto my skin is good for me and enhances my appearance and not hide it letting my natural tone and beauty shine as the main player.

    Please, if you are considering this makeup do not hesitate. If you have any questions contact customer service as they are quick to help and respond to your questions and concerns. I love a brand that can be honest and quickly get in touch with you.

    As a side not, I bough the “Light Beige” and it compliments my natural skin tone perfectly. Please note that this product does oxidize and will turn slightly darker as it reacts with your own natural oils. Take this into consideration when choosing the right shade for you.

    Happy beauty shopping!

  8. Julie

    I am 53 years old and have been looking high and low for years for the right foundation. On a whim, I purchased this wonderful product at my local organic market one day and absolutely fell in love with it. It makes my face look smooth and pretty, provides great coverage without looking mask-like, is easy and quick to apply after my light moisturizer, and looks beautiful all day long, even after a long day at work. I have fair to medium skin tone and use the medium beige, and it is perfect. The best foundation color to match my skin that I have found in years, even after trying everything from drugstore brands to Clinique to Bobbi Brown and everything in between. Try this lovely foundation; you won’t be sorry! Thanks, Gabriel, for a tremendous product at a fair price. I will be a loyal customer!

  9. Janie

    This is my firs time to try the powder foundation and I just LOVE it!!! It goes on nice and doesn’t look like a mask. I am older and have lines and wrinkles and this foundation is very flattering on my face. I also bought an eye shadow that is beautiful and doesn’t crease. The 3rd product I have tried is the nail polish…have been looking for one without all the toxins and just love the red, it goes on nice and doesn’t chip. Very impressed with all of the Gabriel products. Will be back to buy more in the future and will be telling my friends.

  10. elisekelminson

    this is the absolute best foundation. it covers beautifully and never irritates my skin. i was getting allergic dermatitis from a different brand and i switched to gabriel cosmetics. i’ve been using the whole line on my face and there is no more rash and no irritation on my eyelids! if one investigates the ingredients in other brands, they will see how disgusting and harmful all other brands are to our skin. even the so called hypo-allergenic brands are very harmful to the delicate skin. ladies, we have only one face and only one chance to get it right. this is your opportunity to have really healthy, younger looking skin on your face and eyes. once i started using gabriel/zuzu luxe, i would never use anything else.

  11. rmschmidt71 (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how much I love this product. I received it Monday and tried it right away, and it is already indispensable. As soon as I get out of the shower I start my face. I wet my sponge and lightly apply it and my face becomes a canvas to do whatever I want it to look like. Because I am older I tend to shy away from powders and foundations, but this does not cake up or get stuck. It evens out my face and skin tones, and my face looks better than it ever has. I could kick myself for not trying it sooner. I dithered for the last four months over ordering it and finally took the plunge. I ordered the extra light beige and worried that it would still be too dark, but it isn’t. My face looks finished and refreshed, and somehow it looks younger. How did that happen?! Prior to this I order d from another gluten free and vegan company. Their products were good but much more expensive and they didn’t have foundation or blush. I know they are working on them, and eventually will sell them. They will be good, but just too expensive for me. Gabriel ma,Es great products at affordable prices. One tube of mascara here, is half what it costs elsewhere. I like being able to afford more things, and am already plotting my next order. This makeup makes my skin feel better, rejuvenated in a way. No rash, no itch, no streaks, no smears, just sheer perfection and great coverage.

  12. Ann (verified owner)

    I just started using this powder foundation about two weeks ago. I am gluten intolerant, and this make up is gluten free. I am so pleased with this makeup. I have the most sensitive skin, and I have had no breakout problems. Also, the bamboo color is my perfect match. I couldn’t be happier.

  13. Bea

    I have purchased this powder several times and absolutely love it. However, the hinge breaks after a couple of months which makes it difficult to work with until it is gone. I wish a stronger compact could be manufactured where this wouldn’t happen.

  14. Nailea

    My favorite powder foundation! The texture is soft and matte without drying the skin or looking chalky. It can be layered without appearing cakey. I have combo/oily skin and I while I love pressed powder foundations, if I apply too much it cakes and seperates. Not with this one! My only complaint is the packaging. The part where it clicks shut broke off after a month, so I couldn’t keep it shut. I ended up transferring the pan to a different brand’s compact. Please improve the packaging. Other than that, beautiful product!

  15. Tamara

    Love this powder! Over the top of the foundation and you have flawless skin. Just discovered Gabriel cosmetics. So excited. Seriously this powder is the bomb. I have been looking for good coverage, healthy, vegan cosmetic products for awhile now.

  16. Cathleen

    I was liking this a lot initially, but after a couple weeks the product started to break up into pieces in the compact. A quarter of it is now all crumbly so it is hard to use and I definitely can’t travel with it.

  17. Dara

    All I can say is wow! I love this powder foundation so much. I have used bare minerals for years. I was tired of using that product due to lack of coverage and super oily skin after a few hours of wear. I had been on a quest to find a new powder foundation. That was no easy task. I am 36 years old and many of them settled in to my fine lines and aged me terribly . Some of them made my pores look huge. Others looked really powdery/cakey. None of them gave me the coverage I needed while still giving me that natural sheen/glow of natural skin. I read many reviews and watched some video reviews and came across Gabriel cosmetics. It is the best I have ever used. It provides excellent coverage. It doesn’t settle in lines and my pores look great. I just moisturize prior to applying. It gives my skin this beautiful sheen. My sister loved the way my skin looked so much that she went to our local whole foods that day to purchase her own. It looks great on her too. She has very dry skin and rosacea. We are both very happy we found this product.

  18. Kris

    I love this powder, & that is coming from someone very discerning of what I put on my face, with equally as sensitive skin. Most foundation powders can look cakey after one layer, but this looks natural even after two or three. It also doubles as a setting powder which is convenient, & matches my fair, neutral skin tone (Extra Light Beige). The only drawback is if you have dry or dehydrated skin, sometimes the silica & kaolin can be a bit too oil absorbing, but I put shea butter on beforehand which staves that off for the most part.

    This foundation is about as close as it gets to “holy grail” for me. Please keep making it!

  19. Alexa

    I had the medium beige because the next lighter color was too light, and I had almost given up and tried another brand. Then I saw the bamboo shade online and ordered it this week. It’s perfect. I used the medium beige to contour now. This powder does not break me out, and I have extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin. Thank you and please never stop making this product. Please also consider having stores carry the bamboo color. I think it would be very popular.

  20. supergirl1441 (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for a little over a year. I used to use bare minerals matte. I bought my first compact at a local health food store and have been buying the refills online. I LOVE the refill option and not having to waste a whole compact for the same product! I agree with one of the other customers when it gets close to the end it does crumble up and can get everywhere but I just add some alcohol and re-press it and that does the trick! I think this may be due to not having all the toxic chemicals to hold it together, which I think is a fair trade off. I love the feel of this makeup. It’s light and covers great. I have oily skin and with normal powders I get oily right away. This one takes a while for me to get oil and when I do it’s very little. I just dab it away with a oil absorbing sheet and I’m as good as new! Definitely recommend.

  21. Michelle

    This is the best foundation I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried them all! I have rosacea, and it covers the redness without irritating my skin. The extra light beige is a great shade for me, and I’m thrilled, because it’s been so hard to find a match! Thanks for making this wonderful product!

  22. Jessica Burrell

    This product claims it is non-pore clogging however the second ingredient listed is highly comedogenic.

  23. donna

    I’m 57 yrs old and I’ve been using Gabriel Cosmetics for over 25 years! I love this Dual Powder Foundation (Light Beige) for my medium- light skin with light yellow undertone. This foundation can be applied either wet (damp compact sponge) or dry. I usually apply it dry with a large powder brush for light coverage during the day and use the compact sponge for touch-ups. For evenings out and more coverage, I’ll apply the foundation with a damp compact sponge. I pair this Dual Powder Foundation with the Gabriel Concealer in Medium. This combination gives a nice, light feel and smooth look. Just Beautiful!

  24. Samantha

    I love this powder!

    I use the Extra Light Beige and it works great with my pale, cool skin tone. The best part is that it does not look yellow on my skin. It is probably slightly darker than my winter skin tone, which actually helps me not look too washed out.

    I like the amount of coverage that this powder gives; it reduces blemishes and redness without getting rid of my freckles. I can wear it all day at work without feeling the need to reapply it.

  25. Kitty

    I like this product, but the hinge on the compact breaks! I’ve returned it and the second one broke too.

    • Beauty Expert

      Hi Kitty! It was great to connect today, I am happy to hear you like our powder and it was the old compact you had trouble with. I hope you love our new compact as much as we do!

  26. Christina (verified owner)

    Bought this for myself for Christmas. The powder is great quality as always, but the color of the light beige is not the same as the one I have been buying for years. I still had a little of my last compact left and the color tones are not the same, it’s a bit darker now and a little more “orange-y”. Not sure if I got a defective one or if the changed packaging was reflecting a changed product. Either way, without the cool-tones that complemented my relatively pale skin, this will no longer be my go-to powder.

  27. Christina (verified owner)

    Continuation: Not sure if my other review got posted, but I was referring to the “Extra Light Beige” powder, even though I said it was the “Light Beige” in the comment. The Extra Light Beige color may have slightly changed.

  28. Maritza Pruitt

    I purchased light beige through Amazon. Did the ingredients change along with the packaging? My face is breaking out. The new compact is very hard to hold…not fond of the new compact.

    • Beauty Expert

      Hello, our ingredients did not change, just the compact. I am sorry to hear you are not a fan of the compact, I will pass your feedback on to Gabriel.

  29. Kitty

    Love this product!

  30. Sarah

    I’ve been looking for powder for a few years now, and I thought I’d give this one a try! I love it! (I feel my skin is hard to match, but the tan beige was perfect!

  31. Vega

    I enjoy the product, but I which there was a greater range of colors for people with darker skin.

  32. Alice

    One of my worst fears is this product getting discontinued. If it does, I don’t know what I’d do. This is the best foundation in the land so I beg that you never change the formula! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  33. Mai (verified owner)

    Best powder foundation i have ever used. It has a velvety finish and never leaves my face cakey and dry. The only thing i would say, is that i wish there was a larger shade range. I currently have to use 2 colours to get a close enough match to my skin tone. Pleeeaase dont ever discontinue this product or change the formula!!

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