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The ~Real~ Difference Between Blush and Bronzer

Posted on March 20 2024

The ~Real~ Difference Between Blush and Bronzer

What's the real difference between blush and bronzer? And more importantly when should you use them? In the most basic sense—blush should be used to add warmth to your cheeks, while bronzer is used specifically to make you look tan.

If you want to add color and dimension to your face, blush and bronzer are the products you should reach for. But which one to choose? Both should be essentials in your makeup bag as they have distinctive purposes, shade ranges, and application methods.

We break down the blush vs. bronzer dilemma below.

What It Does

Blush: Adds a flush of color to your cheeks to give your skin a natural and healthy brightness that wakes up your complexion.

Bronzer: Makes your skin look sun-kissed or tan and instantly adds depth and glow for a more defined complexion.

Shade Breakdown

Blush: Comes in shade variations of pink, often with peach, plum, or brown undertones. (Find out how to pick the right shade of blush for your skin tone HERE).

Bronzer: Usually golden brown in color, with or without added shimmer. (For even more shimmer find your new favorite highlighter HERE).

When To Use It

Blush: It’s the perfect everyday product to give you a vibrant, fresh-faced look when used in small doses—especially in the winter when you need extra color in your cheeks—but it can also be used with a heavy hand for a night out to really amp up your complexion.

Bronzer: While bronzer can be worn all year round, it definitely comes in handy when you want to fake a tan or sunny glow in the warmer months—still keeping it somewhat natural—and it’s also great for contouring and adding dimension to your face in any season.

How To Apply It

Blush: Brush it onto the apples of your cheeks and blend out, extending the product all the way to your temples—use a Blush Brush for best results.

Bronzer: Sweep it over your skin where sun naturally touches, on your cheeks, nose, chin, and temples as well as your collarbone and décolleté—use a Kabuki Brush for best results.

Want to wear both? Blush and bronzer can certainly be used in tandem. We recommend applying blush first and then topping it off with a sweep of bronzer, and then blending the two tones together for a radiantly flushed finish.

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