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The Newest Way To Wing? Kitten Eyeliner

Posted on September 01 2021

The Newest Way To Wing? Kitten Eyeliner

A classic cat eye will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try out our favorite twists. Enter kitten eyeliner.

Basically, the kitten eye is what you might expect from its name—a subtler and more dainty version of the traditional cat eye that uses less product, is easier to apply, and produces a cleaner look. It has a more natural feel than a cat eye, but still lifts and accentuates your peepers (but in a more minimal makeup, focus-on-the-skin kind of way). And bonus: it’s universally flattering no matter what your eye shape may be.

Ready to try it out? The technique is actually fairly simple, especially if you’re already a master with liner. To wear the trend, start your Precision Liquid Liner in the center of your eye rather than beginning at the inner corner like you would for a typical cat eye—you can use a pencil or eyeshadow and our Precision Brush if you aren’t confident with your liquid eyeliner skills. Apply thin, short strokes as you draw along your lash line and give the product a tiny flick at the end to achieve a subtle wing. Voilà! That little pop is all you need.

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