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Simple Halloween Manicure Combos to DIY at Home

Posted on October 04 2023

Simple Halloween Manicure Combos to DIY at Home

Want to feel festive on Halloween without wearing a costume or full on beauty look? Paint on a simple yet festive manicure instead and call it good. While we love the traditional orange and black, there are plenty of other shade pairings to try—from scarlet red and luxe burgundy to vibrant violet and holographic silver. You can even DIY your manicure at home, no nail art required. Simply apply each shade on a few fingers on each hand or try a color-blocked look and paint each nail half one shade and half another. 

Scroll down to check out 9 of our favorite nail polish color combos for Halloween—no costume required. 

Sunrise + Iceland
Consider this vibrant orange gloss and concrete gray combo a chic take on a classic Halloween duo.

Texas Tea + Classic Red
This jet black and true red gloss are a ghoulishly stylish pairing with endless horrifying nail art options.

Bordeaux + Mexico
Keep it luxe and create a layered celestial design by painting on a base with this dark wine gloss and topping it off with a coat of shimmering pale green.

Cloud + Lovestruck
Pair this pearlescent white and deep red to create a dripping manicure that looks bloody good.

Stardust + Island Sunset
Use this blue green shimmer and bright tangerine gloss to make an edgy half moon manicure that has jack-o'-lantern vibes. 

Wildflower + Moonstone
Go for Beetlejuice vibes with this unconventional combo of violet gloss and holographic shimmer.

Costa Rica + Dubai
Lean into autumn’s class earth tone shades with this moss green and burnt sienna pairing.

Classic Red + Plush
Combine two of this season’s trendiest colors — scarlet red and luxe burgundy — for a dark and moody manicure with a vampish twist.

Pleasure + Texas Tea
Keep the ‘90s alive with this digital lavender crème and true black gloss that scream spooky season.

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