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“Marinating” Your Concealer—The Viral Trend That Actually Holds Up

Posted on April 26 2023

“Marinating” Your Concealer—The Viral Trend That Actually Holds Up

You may have seen the idea of “marinating” your concealer floating around your social feeds to get the most out of your product. And while a lot of viral makeup trends are half-baked, this one actually holds up.

The idea is a lot like when you’re cooking—allowing the concealer to “soak in” and sit before blending it in. The benefit is that this allows the product to dry slightly, making it more opaque and therefore better at covering dark circles, discoloration, acne, and more. This lets you use less product and ultimately spend less time doing your makeup.

Ready to try it? After completing your skin care routine and applying sunscreen, start with your favorite face primer. If you wear foundation, apply this next—if not, move on to concealer. Dab concealer on anywhere you typically apply it—under your eyes, around your nose, on any blemishes, etc. and let it “marinate” (sit) for two or three minutes. Then use a damp makeup sponge to blend in the concealer, and voilà, full coverage without multiple coats. Finish by applying a setting powder, like our Mosaic Illuminator.

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