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How To Look Like You've Gotten Your Beauty Sleep (Even When You Haven't)

Posted on February 26 2019

How To Look Like You've Gotten Your Beauty Sleep (Even When You Haven't)

Whether you’ve lost an hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time, stayed out late having too much fun the evening before, or had shut-eye interrupted by your wakeful kiddos all night long, sometimes you can’t cram in a full eight hours of beauty sleep. But never fear—the tips and trick below will have you looking bright and glowy in no-time, and all remnants of lost snooze time will be gone.

Mask. The first step in faking a full night’s sleep? Getting your mask on. Look for one with ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary, sea fennel, papaya, and cucumber to help soothe, nourish, and brighten your stressed-out skin. Our Seaweed Hydrating Mask or Skin Brightening Sheet Mask will do the trick.

Exfoliate. An obvious sign of a sleepless night is dull skin. To revitalize your radiant glow, simply pick up your favorite natural skin polisher—try our Gentle Exfoliator—to thoroughly cleanse your face while gently soothing and refining surface texture.

Conceal. After applying foundation, you’ll need to take on your dark circles. Choose a concealer with a hydrating and creamy formula to amp up the moisture for your overworked peepers—like one of our Concealers—and gently press it into your skin. Make sure to apply it your upper lid to instantly refresh and wake up your eyes.

Highlight. Follow up by creating a healthy, rested glow by sweeping on your favorite highlighter. Our Mineral Highlighter is a top pick, but if your skin tends to be dry choose our Cream Highlighter instead. Apply to the cheekbones, bridge of nose, arch of the brow, and cupid’s bow for flawlessly incandescent results—just don’t overdo it.

Brighten. Next, open up your eyes by curling your eyelashes and applying several coats of black Mascara to your top eyelashes only. This prevents product from building up under your eyes and making them appear darker and more tired.

Gloss. And we’re onto the last step! Finish by adding a coat of clear Lip Gloss (try our shade Crystal) to your pout to give the appearance of full and hydrated lips. Our plant-based and nutrient-rich formula will while keep your lips soft and supple all day long, and remove any signs of flakiness.

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