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How To Fake Fuller Lips (Without Going Overboard)

Posted on October 08 2019

How To Fake Fuller Lips (Without Going Overboard)

Most of us love full, plump lips—but we weren’t all blessed with a naturally voluminous pout that allows us to have the look on a 24/7 basis. But don’t worry, your makeup is here to help!

Follow our guide to faking fuller lips—without looking obvious and going overboard—below.

Know Your Lip Shape. Understanding what kind of lip shape you have and deciding where you want to add fullness will help you decide where to begin. For example, if you have a smaller upper lip but your bottom lip is more average you’ll keep that in mind when drawing out your lines—focusing more on overdrawing the upper lip and simply filling in the bottom lip.

Pick Your Color. Having a lipliner and lipstick that match is the key to pulling off this look. Whether you want something super bold like a rich wine or deep violet or are going for a more neutral look with a nude or rosy pink, make sure the shades of your two products are as close as possible. Shop all of our Lipliner and Lipstick colors here.

Apply Concealer. Dab a hydrating concealer—like our Cream Concealer—on the center of your lips and go all the way to the edge of your lip line, blending the product up onto your skin. This will brighten your pout and make your lips look plumper.

Start With Your Outer Corners. Begin by lining the outer corners of your lips with a freshly sharpened pencil, either slightly outside or on your natural lip line depending on the shape you’re going for. This will make it easier to fill in the top and bottom parts of your lips and make your final look appear more natural.

Move To Your Cupid’s Bow. After you’re done lining and filling in the outer corners of your lips, draw an X at your cupid’s bow that slightly exaggerates your top lip—this will help keep your upper lip even on both sides. Continue the line down the length of your top lip.

Fill In Your Entire Lips. Completely fill in the rest of your lips with lipliner, keeping a light hand. This will help keep the shape and finish of your lips natural looking, and will hide any pencil lines and the fact that you’ve overdrawn them. If you want your bottom lip to appear fuller, slightly extend the liner outside your lip line in the middle of your bottom lip.

Top It Off With Lipstick. Finish by applying your selected lipstick to your entire pout. Add a clear lip gloss—try our shade Crystal—to the center of your top and bottom lips for a final touch of volume. Lightly dab your favorite highlighter—like our Cream Highlighter or Mineral Highlighter—above your cupid’s bow for added dimension.

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