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How To Create Faux Freckles (That Look Totally Natural)

Posted on July 07 2021

How To Create Faux Freckles (That Look Totally Natural)

What’s not to love about freckles? They’re an undeniably fun result of sun-kissed skin, but not all of us are blessed with them naturally—but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake them! Keep scrolling for our simple tips on how to apply faux freckles that look just as cute (and natural!) as the real thing.

To prep your skin for fake freckles, start by applying your favorite face primer and follow it up with your liquid or powder foundation to eliminate shine and create an even base. Add a light dusting of our Mineral Bronzer on the high points of your face and to anywhere you plan to apply fake freckles—this will help them blend in more easily with your skin.

Next, select your product of choice. To get the most natural-looking specks, we’d recommend using an eyebrow pencileyeliner or even a lip liner—make sure to select a shade that is only a shade or two darker than your skin tone, at least to start with. You can always move on to something darker. 

Take the product and lightly dot it across your nose, cheeks, and up your cheekbones, focusing on areas that the sun hits or that would naturally freckle on their own. Diffuse the speckles outward from there, and don’t try to be too precise or symmetrical about where you place the dots. Apply a few stray dots for added impact. Once you’ve finished with the speckles, gently tap them with your finger (bring careful not to drag!) to help blend them into your skin and make them appear more authentic. Finish your look by applying a soft dusting of our Mosaic Illuminator, applying a glossy lip, and letting those speckles shine. 

Want more faux freckle tips? Watch our IGTV video below to see different methods in action. 


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