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19 Graphic Eyeliner Looks You’ll Want To Try

Posted on August 09 2023

19 Graphic Eyeliner Looks You’ll Want To Try

Now is the time to play with daring designs that don’t necessarily live on your lash line.

The graphic eyeliner trend is all about precision, clean and sharp edges, and a standout shade of eyeliner that draws attention to the eyes while the rest of your look takes a more subdued backseat. The best thing about the aesthetic is its many iterations—from striking geometric shapes and pops of color to oversized cat-eyes and floating designs.

While we find that liquid eyeliner is the best option for ease and exact application (try our fan-favorite Precision Liquid Liner that comes in eight wow-worthy shades), you can also use a traditional eyeliner pencil—just make sure to sharpen it first. 

The main takeaway? Have a little (or a lot) of fun with your eyeliner.

And keep scrolling for some major #graphicliner inspo.

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