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The Dolphin Skin Trend Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Posted on March 17 2021

The Dolphin Skin Trend Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Who doesn’t love a beauty trend named after an aquatic mammal? While the name itself might be a bit silly, we’re actually quite into the look itself.

Dolphin skin is basically a new way to describe a dewy makeup look that mimics the fresh-out-of-water, slick and smooth appearance of dolphins. The glistening and luminous trend focuses on hydrated and radiant skin, and it can be achieved by strategically layering skin care products and highlighter together.

Start by polishing your skin’s surface with our Gentle Exfoliator to really enhance your natural radiance, and follow it up with our Hydrating Mask for maximum complexion glow. Next, apply our Advanced Polypeptides Searum and a face primer to smooth out your skin tone. Apply a light layer of our Moisturizing Liquid Foundation for a silky, natural finish that leaves you looking hydrated.

And now to add that signature dolphin dew! Focus on the high points of your face where the sun would naturally hit—the bridge of your nose, your brow bone and the area between your brows, your temples, and your cheekbones—and apply some targeted glow. We prefer to use a liquid or cream formula (like our Liquid Radiance or Cream Highlighter) to keep things as wet looking as possible, but a powder-based highlighter works too. When it comes to your eyes and lips, try one of our Multi Pots to keep things soft and glowy. The finishing trick is to add a clear balm or gloss on top, like our Sheer Gloss in Crystal, to really bring home the look. Simply apply it to the same areas you used highlighter on as well as your eyelids and lips, being as liberal as you like. Remember—it’s all about looking fresh, airy, and ultimately glossy.

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