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9 Ways To Use Our Cream Highlighter

Posted on April 03 2018

9 Ways To Use Our Cream Highlighter

There’s nothing we love more than a beauty product that can pull double duty. But what’s better? A product that works even harder than that—enter our Cream Highlighter. The delicate and silky formula blends easily into the skin to illuminate your complexion with sheer textured color for an instant natural glow.

Time to brighten up! Get your shimmer on and check out nine ways to work our Cream Highlighter into your makeup routine below.

  1. On the apples of your cheeks in place of blush for a natural burst of sparkle.
  2. Under your brow bone to give your arches a lift and highlight their natural shape.
  3. On the bridge of your nose to make it appear slimmer and draw attention to the middle of your face.
  4. Along your cheekbones as a contour to make their structure more pronounced.
  5. On the inner corners of your eyes so they appear refreshed and more awake.
  6. Mixed with your moisturizer to add an allover glow to your complexion.
  7. On your Cupid’s bow to give your lips a fuller and more defined appearance.
  8. Instead of eyeshadow for an extra dose of shimmer that will give the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes.
  9. To hide dark circles under your peepers and diffuse any trace of a sleepless night.
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