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6 Ways To Use Clear Mascara in Your Makeup Routine

Posted on July 05 2023

6 Ways To Use Clear Mascara in Your Makeup Routine

Never really understood the purpose of Clear Mascara? You're not alone.

Its use might not seem obvious at first, but we’re here to show you how helpful it can actually be on a daily basis. Aside from its intended function of defining and separating your lashes, there are a myriad of uses for the productsome of which don’t even involve your eyes.

Read on for six cool ways to use clear mascara.

  1. Brow Gel: Tame your unruly eyebrows with a little clear mascara. The feathery wand will let you comb your arches into the perfect shape, creating an instantly polished look. Use it alone for a natural vibe or over your favorite Cream Brow Pencil shade. 
  2. DIY Color Mascara: Take a loose powdered eyeshadow in a fun color like bright blue or electric purple, and dip the wand in it and twist until covered. Apply it to your lashes, wash the wand, let your lashes dry, and finish by adding a sealer coat of clear. 
  3. Hair Tamer: Clear mascara is a great way to keep fine flyaway hairs in place without using a heavy gel. Take the applicator and simply comb it through the small strands along your hairline.
  4. Lash Conditioner: Do your lashes need some extra love? Our mascara is formulated with vitamin B-5 to strengthen and stimulate growth as well as nourishing ingredients like aloe, sunflower extract, sea fennel, avocado extract, and eyebright extract.
  5. No-Makeup Look: It’s perfect for creating a no-makeup makeup look—especially on beach days when you still want extra definition, but without the raccoon-like effect. Clear mascara will brighten your eyes and give the illusion of added length.
  6. Eyelash Primer: Instead of applying multiple coats of your black mascara, try swiping on a coat of clear first. This will lock in moisture and give your lashes extra volume.

Pick up a tube and try it for yourself.

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