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3 Foundation Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How To Fix Them)

Posted on July 18 2018

3 Foundation Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How To Fix Them)

It’s safe to say that we all want flawless skin, and part of achieving said radiant complexion is with a Foundation job that’s practically undetectable. But that doesn’t mean we’re all experts. In fact, there are several foundation mistakes even we’re guilty of making. We laid out the most common three below, and included solutions on how to fix them.

Mistake: Choosing the Wrong Shade Picking the wrong shade of foundation is unsurprisingly the most common mistake people make—we often choose shades that are based on what color we *think* our skin is or don’t consider that our complexion changes from season to season.

Fix: Always try a sample before you buy a product—test it on several areas of your face if possible. If you can’t find the perfect shade (or if you bought the wrong one), mix it with another shade to create a match.

Mistake: Ignoring Your Skin Type When selecting a formula, you need to consider your skin type. Depending on whether your skin falls into the dry, oily, mature, or combination categories, you'll need a different type of foundation.

Fix: If your skin tends to get greasy, steer clear of oil-based formulas—and if your skin tends to dry out, avoid matte finishes that could give you a “cakey” finish. Another tip? Always prep your skin before applying with Moisturizer, Primer, or both. This will help neutralize any problem areas, and can provide a solution if you have a product that’s not suited for your skin type.

Mistake: Using Too Much Product This one’s pretty simple—avoid overdoing it and don’t apply too much foundation.

Fix: Try using a lighter hand and utilizing less product—when it comes to foundation, less is more. If you don’t need full coverage, opt for a Concealer instead and apply it only where needed. The goal is for your skin to be the star of the show, not your makeup.

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