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13 ~Cool~ Pastel Nail Colors To Try Out ASAP

Posted on January 10 2024

13 ~Cool~ Pastel Nail Colors To Try Out ASAP

You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to paint your nails in pastels.

As much as we gravitate towards dark and moody hues during the winter months, there’s something to be said about a delicate cold-weather manicure. Not only does it feel fresh, but it adds a lightness to the darkest days of the year. And while pale pink will always be a classic (we have several to choose from!), we’re all about the more unexpected shades — think offbeat green, trendy lavender, and sky blue (with the option to mix in some cool nail art).

No matter what your vibe, we’ve rounded up our favorite pastel hues to try out in the coming months.

  1. Bask — pale peach crème
  2. Cielo — pale blue gloss
  3. Cloud — white pearl
  4. Pleasure — digital lavender crème
  5. Moonstone — holographic shimmer
  6. Ecstasy — soft mint crème
  7. Iceberg — white gloss
  8. Gossamer — mauve lavender crème
  9. Lotus — light pink gloss
  10. Wishful — peach shimmer
  11. Moss Rose — soft apricot crème
  12. Rose Quartz — pale pink shimmer
  13. Delight — pale lavender crème

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