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This Concealer Trick Will Hide Your Dark Circles for Good

Dark circles happen to the best of us. They seem to magically materialize from sleep deprivation, seasonal allergies, or following a fun-filled night out—but making them disappear isn’t always so easy.

How do you fake brighter eyes? Turns out, there’s a right and a wrong way to apply concealer under your peepers—and many of us probably need to rethink our approach.

The most efficient way to cover dark circles is to dot a creamy formula (like our lightweight Concealer) under your eye and work it downwards to create an inverted triangle where the lowest point hits the top of your cheek. This technique creates an all-over brightening effect, gives the illusion that your face is lifted, and better disguises any sign of darkness rather than just targeting the circles themselves. After you apply the product, blend it softly with your finger of favorite makeup brush.

And remember, always apply foundation before concealer for the best coverage.

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