Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

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This medium to full coverage sheer oil-free liquid foundation is designed to enhance the natural undertones of your skin, creating a flawless, natural-looking complexion.

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For a flawless and dewy finish, apply with our non Latex Luxury Sponge.

35 reviews for Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

  1. EP (verified owner)

    I do love this foundation. It is not thick so it’s very easy to blend. It’s hydrating and it lasts all the day. The coverage is medium. I have L6 and this color is perfect for light skin with neutral undertone. The color is light orange, but it doesn’t make orange face like other foundation’s brands.

  2. Kathy Riley

    This foundation has great coverage. It looks natural, spreads nicely, and has a slight fresh scent. Very nice to know I’m putting something pure on my face. Love it!

  3. Paula M.

    I have very sensitive skin and used another mineral makeup I found in Whole Foods makeup isle. I did not like the smell or coverage plus that particular brand did not have my shade which is kind of medium dark…I have a yellow undertone so not easy to find my shade. Anyway I went back to whole foods and was referred to the Zuzu line. Well can I say I LOVE IT!!!!. I found my shade and my skin did not react and breakout at all. Smooth silky coverage and no sticky feeling almost weightless. I am extremely glad I found this product and will be checking out the rest of the line. Zuzu line.

  4. Ann Hoffman

    Love the texture …. Had some trouble finding the right shade bought l 14 and I think I should have bought the next shade down. But love the texture and the way it covers. A definite good purchase .

  5. RJ Rogerson

    I have the worst skin type…aging, oily, acne prone and sensitive. I go to a dermatologist for my facial woes. This is the ONLY makeup on the planet that not only doesn’t make me break out but also covers my imperfections and is a true cool undertone. This is a liquid mineral makeup that is completely buildable (especially over those acne scars) without caking. It doesn’t dry out during the day nor becomes oily and gives your complexion a nice glow. People compliment my complexion all the time and say I have good skin and I tell them…”I have good makeup!” I have been using it for years and felt compelled to share my review for those looking for something that will be good for their acne prone skin yet cover their imperfections.

  6. Courtney

    I purchased this foundation on a whim and I’m so glad I did. I’ve used so many foundations over the years and none of them compare to this one. I love it!!!

  7. Kim

    I liked the feel of this foundation, very light texture, but the two lightest shades, L3 and L6 are much too dark for me. Please add more shades.

  8. Kellie

    I absolutely love this foundation, I was at Natures Way one day and was not initially shopping for makeup. I happened to fumble upon it and thought I’d treat myself to some makeup, the sales lady there didn’t know anything about the line but I took a gamble and bought the L-11, I also purchased the concealer. I have gotten alot of compliments on my complexion, its smooth, non greasy, and lightweight. You don’t need much either. I’m out now and need to order again, However this time I’m going to order a different color concealer.

  9. Tracy F.

    I like this foundation, blends well, a little goes a long way. But I’m so annoyed by the peeling, chipping silver paint on the cap that comes off and gets all over your hands after you’ve had it awhile. A packaging change is NEEDED because I’m going to switch brands until it does. Super bummed when I have silver paint stuck to my hands when I’m trying to put on makeup.

  10. Lesa

    I just purchased this foundation and of all the foundations I’ve used (drug store to high end)it is by far the best. It goes on very smooth and blends exceptionally well. Its very light weight weight, I don’t feel it at all yet it covers magnificently.

  11. Jalen Amaro-Gonzalez

    I adore this foundation. Before switching to green and vegan beauty, I tried multiple conventional brands and I could never, ever find the perfect shade. Like ever. Even when I got my makeup professionally done, you could still tell I had makeup on. L14 is the perfect match for my medium/tan skin with neutral undertones. You can’t even tell I have makeup on but the coverage is great and it feels incredibly lightweight. I never get the heavy feeling I usually have with foundations. It feels just like a moisturizer and doesn’t get cakey or super greasy even if you don’t set it with powder. A little goes a long way so it’ll probably last a long time. I am very pleased with it so far.

  12. Aquila (verified owner)

    This foundation feels nice and doesn’t look powdery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on olive skin at all. Even the neutral undertones makes me look bright red compared to my natural skin tone. The coverage isn’t great, but for evening out skin tone it works really well. If Gabriel starts making this style with cool undertones I’ll definitely buy again, but until then I’ll have to keep searching.

  13. Valerie T. (verified owner)

    I love this liquid foundation! I have acne prone skin, and I do not find that it irritates my face at all. It spreads very easily and does not “pill” like other brands have.

  14. Becca

    I am a huge fan of this line. I discovered Gabriel when I was shopping at the old wild Oats in West Palm Beach in about 2001. I have been hooked on Gabriel and in particular ZuZu when that came on the scene ever since. Although I have a natural look, I wear makeup everyday. I am fair complexioned with a golden undertone rather than pink. I use the C6.Ii blend it in over my tinted moisturizer that has an SPF of 30 from another organic line. Sometimes I dust my C7 powder over it. I use C7 concealer when and where needed. Luckily I do not have blemishes, but I am not that young either. I was a designer line make-up purchaser who made the total switch over 15 years ago, and never looked back. If only they had these lines before I spent a fortune on the fancy high-end department store poison!

  15. Leslie B.

    I’ve been using this foundation for a few years and of all the dozens of brands I’ve tried in the past 20 years, this is in my top 3. It has one of the most “safe” ingredient lists out there, it offers smooth coverage, and in my opinion, is also a reason I have way fewer blemishes than I used to and my skin feels softer. If you’re looking for a heavy coverage foundation, this may not be for you, but for light to medium coverage, it’s perfect. Plus, the tube will last you for a while and it has no strong smell, for those of you with allergies. I’d highly recommend it!

  16. VG

    I have the shade LA and the coverage is great and it feels fine on my skin. However, after a short time it oxidizes and turns much too orange. Initially the color matches well until some time goes by.

  17. VG

    Sorry in the previous comment I have L6 (auto correct changed it)

  18. Mary

    This has been a godsend for me. I’m in my 40’s and still have oily/combo/acneic skin that is very sensitive. I have to avoid chemical sunscreens as well as silicones and solvents that are so prevalent in cosmetics now. So far, this foundation has allowed me to cover blemishes and even out my skin tone for work or going out. No breakouts or inflammatory reactions. I do have some oil break through mid day, but a little blotting helps.

  19. Kate

    Just like reviewer Tracey F., I had a major problem with the peeling silver paint. I really like the foundation, but am giving it a low rating because peeling silver paint specks is not healthy for you. I got some of the silver paint specks into my eye and all over my face —before I realized it was peeling off. It hurts to get that stuff in the eye–so I am a bit peeved!

  20. Nicole

    I love this foundation! I had been putting off buying natural makeup because I just didn’t think it would compete with the coverage other makeup offered. Additionally, the other similar brands I had tried were too sheer for me. I finally sampled Zuzu And I’m happy I did. My skin has loved it as well, my break outs aren’t happening anymore and my skin is less dry. A little goes a long way and still offers great coverage. I’ve never had the silver cap chip away like others have mentioned. The only warning is it will oxidize throughout the day (you know, like most makeup does) so might want to try one shade under if two are close to your complexion tone or use their powder to do a touch up.

  21. Sara T (verified owner)

    This foundation is terrible. As soon as I spread it with my fingertips it starts to peel off. It’s very blotchy looking. Would not recommend. Highly disappointed with this product.

  22. CTR

    What a great, natural-looking but slightly matte formula! The only reason this is four stars instead of five is that I had to return the lightest shade. It just wasn’t light enough. Please consider extending your shade range. We need a paper white porcelain neutral color–if this was available, I’d never buy anything else. Think of Mac’s face and body paint–they have a true white to mix in with other shades to create the perfect color. Obviously I’d never use the toxic stuff again—but wouldn’t it be great to have a similar breadth of shade range in natural products! Right now I’m creating my own powder foundation by mixing products and bulk non nano zinc oxide, simply because nothing is light enough for my skin. It’s a hassle and I’d love to buy the ready made product.

  23. Kasia Kolodziejski

    great :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  24. Kris

    I’ve been using this a few months now and I’m so glad I found it. It is the gentlest foundation I’ve ever used. It doesn’t make me break out or cause any irritation whatsoever. And it looks nice throughout the day. I don’t think I can say that about any previous foundation I’ve used. I combine two shades, 1 and 11, to get close to my fair/yellow undertone skin. It oxidizes just a tad by the afternoon, but still looks natural with a smooth finish. I think it gives my skin the hydration that it needs, b/c I’m not producing as much oil throughout the day, and my skin seems calmer since I started using it. Holy grail.

  25. kmkunard (verified owner)

    I am absolutely impressed! I am never changing makeup brands again! I have an allergy to yellow dye. Ever since I’ve started wearing makeup, my face would itch, break out in hives, and swell. I love makeup but my allergies make it hard to wear. When I found out there was no dyes I had to give it a try! This fountain is light and gives full coverage. I fell in love after the first day of use. Love love love!!

  26. Bhakti Kapadia

    I’ve been using L14 and have noticed the color of the foundation changes drastically in about 1-2 months. I thought perhaps it was something I was doing so I took care to store the tube in a dark place away from light and always shook it before I applied it. In one month it noticably changes to a darker color and doesn’t match my skin. I love the way it looks and the light feeling but I cant depend on the color to remain the same. I brought this to the attention of the store I purchased it from and they really didn’t have a response. This happened with 5-6 different tubes of L14. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to retain the original color?

  27. Michelle

    I think this makeup is hard to blend, but everyone here thinks it’s great. What you’re secret?

  28. Heidi

    I got L-6. It looked about right in the store but actually it’s too orange. 🙁 I’m so sad. It looks like a light whitish pink at first when it goes on, like a perfect match. But then when it soaks in and dries completely it makes my face look yellow-orange, not a match at all. I got L-8 too but that one is way too orange-red. I wish they made something like L-6 but whiter/cooler and less yellow-orange.

  29. Jackie

    I like this foundation so far. I just bought my first tube from a local store. My main complaint is that the tube is less than half full. The safety seal was intact, so I don’t think any leaked out in transit, but once I pulled it off I realized I have to squeeze the tube almost all the way down to get anything to come out. I’m hoping this is a fluke with the particular tube I got, but I’d like to make sure before I spend money on another one!

  30. Marie Rivera (verified owner)

    I love zuzu luxe foundation for my combination skin. The problem is that the best color for my skin was L-8 and was exchange for L-7 and this color does’nt match my skin, was too light shade. I need a pink undertone, because looks a healthier and radiant skin. My face looks bright and younger, everybody said. I dont known if L-14 will be too dark for me. Please, consider to produce L-8 in the future. I love zuzu luxe blushes and lipsticks, I have seven different colors of each. Thanks for take care of our skin.

  31. Candice

    They quit making my shade. It was the only one that was good for me. I’m now wearing the only other shade that kinda works. But it’s too orange. I definetly have to find a new make up because none of the shades work for me. After wearing Zuzu for almost two years, I don’t want to have to find a new brand but am forced to.

  32. Patricia L Mason

    I love L3 , Don’t see it here, Do you still supply L3? And if not how does L 4 compare to L 3? Thanks

    • Beauty Expert

      Unfortunately we have discontinued Zuzu Luxe in L-3. We have replaced it with L-4. This silky, neutral toned shade is ideal for Light to Ivory Skin tones, much like the L-3, only we’ve done a little color match upgrade. The L-4 has less pink, which was highly requested by many of our customers.


    Great product. I’m a 60 year old cancer survivor. Chemotherapy ages some of us, a lot I felt like I look 10 years old then my age.
    I didn’t used to need to or want to wear makeup. But in 2013 after chemotherapy I realized I had to do SOMETHING. I use and eat only organic products So off to Mothers Market I went. I found your L-14.
    I also watched a bunch of YouTube videos on all things makeup. I truly felt like I was makeup challenged. Well, after buying my Zuzu Lux foundation. But STILL trying some of those YouTube influencer tips… Hmmmmm, I REALIZED THAT with the GREAT quality ingredients in Zuzu Lux L-14….. I didn’t need all that other JUNK! I use a little bit of “it works” Bye Bye under eye, ( but that’s the only other company’s product, the rest are all yours) I have dark under eye area. Anyway I apply just a tiny tiny bit of the Bye Bye eye. Then my Zuzu Lux L-14 then my Zuzu tobacco eyeliner. Then my Gabriel Rose blush and I’m all set and looking good!
    I’m grateful for your great products. Thank you for keeping them clean and helping me to help myself look Great!

  34. Lauren

    I have been using this foundation for a year and really loved it. But I just bought a new one and its like the consistency of the foundation is ten times thicker! Its extremely hard to spread and cakey now, whereas it was easily spreadable and went on so smooth before.

    Was there some kind of formula change or is this a production consistency issue?

  35. Peggy (verified owner)

    I Love this formula of the oil free foundation it lasts all day and is non-drying! I am 54 years old and it burs my pores but lets my freckles show through, it just looks like your skin but better! I use L-4 and it matches my skin tone so perfect and I am fair to light. Thank you please don’t ever stop making this, it is a Holy grail,I also use the universal primer and love it as well safe ingredients and I do not breakout with any Zuzuluxe products!

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