Zuzu Luxe Mascara

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This richly pigmented mascara curls, lengthens and adds lush volume to lashes without smudging, clumping, or flaking. The luxurious nylon brush is specially designed to add length and curl while being clump free.

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Start at the base of lashes and sweep upward in long, lifting strokes for voluminous curled lashes.

20 reviews for Zuzu Luxe Mascara

  1. ntadams1986

    I spent 10 years using high end mascara until I became allergic, switched to those other large named natural products and the same issue… this was my last ditch effort and I’m glad I did because this will forever be in my makeup bag. Not flaky, no smudge, it rains in seattle all the time and it doesn’t stream down my face but comes off nicely with warm water. Love love love

  2. Morgan

    I’ve tried probably 15-20 kinds of mascara before and this is by far my favorite. The description is spot on about various layers creating various looks, it can easily be natural or going-out mascara. The brush is A+++ and I’ve never had any problems with clumping or too much mascara on the brush. It’s much more expensive than I would like to be paying for my mascara, but well worth it, especially because it never irritates my eyes. Just like the comment before mine, it isn’t flakey, it stays on in the rain and comes off perfectly in the shower. (P.S. yay Seattle!)

  3. Alexandra

    I have oily eyelids & finding an all natural mascara that doesn’t give me raccoon eyes has been most challenging! I can honestly say I have come the closest to finding one here. I have been using this mascara for months & I get a little bit of smudging under my lower lashes (I only use mascara on my top lashes). But I’m willing to live with that for an all natural mascara. Hot yoga or hot weather, only smudges a very little bit.

  4. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Love this mascara! I will never buy another brand! I have a wheat allergy and am only able to wear gluten-free mascaras. The other wheat & gluten-free mascaras I’ve tried do not perform as well as this one. This mascara is incredible and performs like other premium brands: it lengthens and separates the lashes beautifully, no smudging or running at the end of the day, comes off very easily with water and facial oil.

  5. Dixie

    I love this mascara and am so happy to have tried it! especially after almost giving up in finding a “good-ingredient” mascara that doesn’t end up in smudges under my eyes. I’ll be staying with this one, as it stays perfect all day! I had used other Zuzu products and loved them, and finally switched to the mascara as well.

  6. Aquila (verified owner)

    This mascara is wonderful. No clumping, feels light, looks wonderful. By far my favorite mascara.

  7. Michelle

    Mascara was one of the last cosmetic and skincare items for me to swap for something truly natural and organic. I tried others in the past and they were terrible. Decided to give this one a try and reading reviews and I’m truly impressed. I honestly didn’t think it would do much or last all day. I was wrong! This mascara is awesome!!! Lasts all day, no clumping, smearing, flaking. And my lashes look dark and lush!

  8. C

    THE BEST. Period. I had to stop using another company’s mascara that used rice bran wax (after discovering multiple health issues), and I was so sorry be without my natural mascara! And then I found you. The Espresso absolutely wins in every category. My other mascara smudged–not this one! Once it dries, it is THERE for good. Gluten free, no other allergens, and stay put power! Now that is fun.

  9. Bridget (verified owner)

    Not tested on animals and vegan is essential to me. Apart from that the mascara is easy to apply and stays on the whole day. I have short lashes and would prefer a rounded brush, though. I like it that it doesn’t dry up quickly as some other brands do. A great product that doesn’t harm animals.

  10. pacificblue322

    This mascara has staying power. For whatever the reason, other products used to flake off or melt on my by the end of the day. This stays on my lashes.

    I have “Espresso” which is gorgeous. I have fair olive skin, and black mascaras tended to be too stark for me. This color brings calm and radiance to my face. I can use the eyeliners to take my look from ‘day’ to ‘night’.

  11. Kris

    Love love this mascara. I like natural looking mascara, but this one still makes my lashes look pretty without being overdone. It will flake a lot if you fall asleep with it on, & I haven’t tested it with full on tears, but overall I feel confident it will have good staying power for the day despite not being waterproof.

  12. Kátia Moore

    LOVE that it comes in navy blue and is vegan and not super ridiculously priced. Sadly it made my eyes water like no other mascara ever, and the brush is trash. I don’t know why the mascara made my eyes water so much the first few times I used it but it no longer does, fortunately. But please, change the brush! It’s flimsy for the price. Sell it for less at WFM or improve the brush ASAP. Thanks!

  13. Amy (verified owner)

    Love! One of my must have products that I continue to rebuy. I love the Espresso color! Applies well, lasts all day, no clumping, and natural ingredients…what more could I ask for : )

  14. Amy (verified owner)

    I have been using this mascara for nearly 10 years and I absolutely love it. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. I would never consider switching. My skin and eyes are extremely sensitive and I have had allergic reactions to many kinds of makeup. This has been my go-to brand. It’s so thick but not clumpy and it goes on nicely. With it, I don’t need any eyeliner or eye shadow. I highly recommend!!

  15. Debbie

    The brush is horrible. Change it please. Wont buy it again until its better. I like the product but please…..it’s like a brush you would use in a sample.

  16. Robin

    Great mascara! I purchased the black color and I love it! I might have to try the Espresso. The mascara stays on, builds easily and doesn’t FLAKE! It’s very nice!

  17. Amy

    This is my go-to mascara. I like it but make sure its closed tightly between uses and when you buy it. This causes the product to dry out and clump, then the clumps fall down as flakes. I like formula itself and it adds a good amount of volume and length.

  18. Alyssa

    I use shade Espresso and it works pretty well. I naturally have dark long lashes and prefer a less dramatic eye. This gives you a nice definition without bulking the lashes up too much. Not a whole lot off clumping or fall, which is nice. I also find the subtle chocolate scent really nice.

  19. Ruth (verified owner)

    This is THE best mascara for people with sensitive skin and eyes. I use the navy…this color easily comes off with just water and yet looks perfect on. LOVE IT!

  20. Abigail (verified owner)

    I love this mascara! The brush is awesome, it curls and lengthens eyelashes just like the description says. The mascara is amazing also! I use the clear and I love it! Thank you ZuZu Luxe!

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