Sea Fennel Moisturizing Cleanser

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A rich formulation to remove dulling skin cell debris and surface impurities while keeping your skin touchably soft. Gabriel Organics Sea Fennel Moisturizing Cleanser uses chamomile, kelp, and other cleansing emollients to leave delicate skin feeling fresh and re-hydrated.

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6 reviews for Sea Fennel Moisturizing Cleanser

  1. Kelly

    Love this stuff! Love the smell of it and it really does help my skin feel cleaner.

  2. Joy Jaber

    This works well, but as a supposedly “fragrance free” product, it is far too strong smelling for me. The herbal extracts smell as strong as any perfume. I have to return it for this reason, sorry.

  3. Natalia

    I love this product, my winter “go-to” face wash. It is very hydrating, but washes off clean, not leaving your skin oily at all. I am outside a lot doing barn chores and riding in the cold weather, so my face gets chapped from dirt and wind, this is very soothing and doesn’t burn.

  4. Kristin Russell (verified owner)

    VERY strong smell. I would not advise that anyone with sensitive skin use this product.

  5. Kim (verified owner)

    I have a bit of Rosacea with the red cheeks and a few permanent blotches of redness. I don’t know if it’s considered sensitive skin but this cleansing cream couldn’t be nicer. I have learned not to use too much each time and I like to moisten a couple of flat cotton rounds in place of a wash cloth to help clean my skin. It always feels great leaving my face, clean, fresh, and dewy…Now that I am older this works great for my combination skin.

  6. Cyndi L

    This product is absolutely hands down, thee best product for my Rosacea afflicted complexion. When I was younger, people told me I had very beautiful skin. Then, as I aged, and NOT like a fine wine either (LOL), I discovered this product. Next thing I knew, people started to tell me I had beautiful skin. WOW! Really people? Well, I can only advise if you do indeed have Rosacea or other sensitive skin, then please give this product a try.
    I’m so convinced in this product, that I repeatedly leave it around for other people to try. And, I’ve done some budgetary damage, but who cares. I can only hope, the people that tried it, love it and will buy it as well. Muchas Gracias Gabriel. I’m thrilled you shared the family secrets with the world!!

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