Oily/Over Active Skincare Series

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These Gabriel Organics skincare products were formulated specially for people with oily complexions to reduce oil production, mattify skin and unblock pores.


Figuring Out Your Skin Type
Oily complexions are generally shiny and may have visibly enlarged pores, especially in the “T-Zone” area. The shine may be accompanied by either occasional blemishes or persistent acne. Scaliness sometimes appears around the nose, chin, and forehead and usually signifies a build-up of dead skin cells, oil, and other debris such as makeup.


Gabriel Organics Oily/Over Active Skincare Series Includes:
Red Seaweed Purifying Gel Cleanser 6oz
Seaweed Cellular Moisturizer 2oz
Red Seaweed Purifying Tonic 2oz

2 reviews for Oily/Over Active Skincare Series

  1. Erica

    On the quest to NOT use chemicals on my face. I tried the oil cleansing method, did not work. Went to a natural market and was recommended to try this product. My skin has already cleared up dramatically and it’s been one week. Skin is not irritated after use. Highly recommend to people with acne/ hormonal acne pron skin.

  2. sendordertome (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY product that works on my face. Formerly, I used Proactiv, but over time I noticed fine lines and wrinkles; It made my skin dry. I have mild continuous acne and a red rash on my chin that developed with age. I’ve tried at least 20 different products over the years and either they did not solve my problem at all, or they made my skin too dry. This is the only one that clears my skin, yet doesn’t cause dryness. Its over my budget but I cut back on other things for this, because it is so worth it. Thanks so much!

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