Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

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Creamy and luxurious, this medium to full coverage liquid foundation is made with naturally derived ingredients to even out skin tone and give skin a silky, natural finish. A convenient, reusable pump for dispensing Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation is now available.

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For a flawless dewy finish apply with Gabriel’s Luxury Sponge. For a velvety matte finish dust on Gabriel’s Dual Powder Foundation.

38 reviews for Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

  1. NK

    Bought True Beige…..perfect for my skin color….I’m a medium brown color…and this was perfect. I use a beauty blender for a light to medium coverage….although, using your fingers or a brush would achieve a medium coverage. I personally don’t like too much. Really helps with acne…..And overall, i’m really happy with this product. The texture is thick, but still manageable. I’m not afraid to put this product on my face, since it has such good ingredients.

  2. Tiffany

    I really like this foundation! I’ve always used just a tinted moisturizer but as I get older I find I’m needing more coverage. I have very sensitive skin and all the liquid foundations I’ve tried have been drying or too heavy, but this is just right. It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all, it never feels dry or oily and it covers really well. The only down side is that I have larger pores and the foundation sometimes “breaks” over them making the more obvious. So it requires a little more blending and I do find that I have to wear powder with it because of that. I also find this foundation blends much more easily with my fingers than a brush because it’s a bit thicker than other foundations I’ve used. I do really love this and will keep using it!

  3. EP (verified owner)

    This product is very amazing. It is good for those who has dry skin. It’s a bit thick but it’s very easy to blend and it lasts all the day. The coverage is medium. I bought ‘Natural Beige’, but it’s too much pink for my skin undertone. Anyway, I can solve the problem mixing it with a more neutral color. I do love this foundation and I will surely buy another color in future.

  4. ks

    I recently began using this product. The shade selected is natural beige.Already,
    I am noticing a difference with the ease and smoothness of its easy application.
    The well blending was even, evening out the different skin tones in my facial com-
    plexion, which tends to be, dark brown in some areas and medium in some areas,

    So. Now, I am interested in learning more about this product; What are the ingredients? Where
    is it manufactured specifically. Generally, I was shopping at an Organic market in Loma Linda,
    California and therefore I felt safe enough to make a decision to make this type of purchase
    from the cosmetic counter in my favorite department store to the organic market. My Review
    of the ingredients; tells it all. It’s how I feed my body, and my face is certainly a (smiling) part
    of it. I will rate this product high.

  5. Summer

    I have been struggling for YEARS trying to find a foundation that was for the fairest of fair skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin, plus no toxic ingredients! When I put this on I almost cried tears of joy! I have found my holy grail foundation in the shade pale ivory! NEVER discontinue this please I will die! I’d give it 20 stars if I could!!

  6. Lisa

    I bought this on sale a few months ago at Sprouts because I liked the ingredients. I’ve tried many foundations this winter and many of them are cakey, drying, or unflattering on my mature combo/mostly dry complexion. I tried this today and what a dream! No toxic ingredients, covers without looking like a mask, and applies easily with my fingers..(I’ll try with a sponge and brush later). I have fair, cool-toned skin and bought the soft beige color. It matches so well. So many cosmetics companies are making mostly neutral or yellow based foundations that make me look jaundiced with my pink/cool- toned skin. This isn’t a super heavy makeup but I suppose you could layer it if you needed to. I will try your powder foundation next..great product and worth the money!

  7. Chitra

    I just started using Rose Beige and love love love the product! Its the best foundation i have used so far and can always be sure that I am using highest quality natural product on my skin, please never discontinue this foundation!!!!!

  8. Elizabeth

    I have used Rose Beige for years. Best foundation I have ever used. I was very disappointed when I went to my local Whole Foods and found that they were out of stock. I guess I will have to not wear any foundation until it comes back in stock. My favorite make up for years. Please quickly return to the store.

  9. Mary

    When I discovered this foundation I was SO thrilled with it! It took a lonng time, to find one that didn’t feel like it was pulling my skin down, or making me feel like I was wearing a heavy mask.. My eyelids droop so I don’t need a foundation that makes it worse! I use Rose Beige, and it’s perfect.. light weight, but thick enough to cover, and even out my skin. I like to mix it with a light facial cream to help it spread like silk on my face, neck and chest. If I run out, I just don’t use anything rather than buying junk that makes my face break out. This one is gentle on my sensitive acne-prone skin, and does not cause blemishes like the cheap stuff does. Like the girl above, my pores are a bit big, but I find that when using a toner, it’s not too much of an issue, and my skin looks much better after using this product regardless. I also use a powder over it. I didn’t realize you carried powder – guess I never looked because the foundation is a bit expensive (BUT now I know that it’s worth every dime). I will have to look for the powder next!
    My only gripe is that I have to travel 38 miles to get it (well worth the trip when I have time). That’s why I came on online to try to find a store locator or a place to order on the web. I get it at Whole Foods, but so far haven’t found it closer to where I live. Great great stuff!

  10. Misty

    I am SO picky when it comes to foundation. I’m always on the hunt for something amazing. And I found it! I purchased this at my local Whole Foods and a very nice woman who works for this line helped me find the right shade. It gives great coverage without feeling cakey. My skin looks flawless.

  11. Allison (verified owner)

    I have a very red complexion around my nose and chin and Gabriel has been the only foundation that covers it up all day without blotching or caking. Just love it!

  12. Denise M.

    Have this foundation in Classic Tan. Love it! Matches my complexion 100%. And I also loves how it makes it look like I have nothing on.

  13. emmy74 (verified owner)

    Yesss, finally I have found the perfect foundation for my skin undertone. The first time I tried ‘True Beige’ but it is pink!!! ‘Warm Beige’ is a very light peach color so, perfect for fair/light skin with yellow undertone. I am so happy now. I would like if there was for summer a tinted moisturizer with SPF too.

  14. Ari

    This is the best foundation I’ve ever worn. I have dry skin that is also prone to bad breakouts, and I usually find that I have to choose between wearing makeup and having terrible skin, and not wearing makeup and having good skin. But this foundation actually seems to be making my skin look nicer? I haven’t had one breakout since wearing it and it looks better than ever. So ironically, thanks to this foundation I don’t’ think I’ll be needing to wear foundation pretty soon, lol. It’s also very moisturizing and gives a nice glow to your skin, without being greasy.

  15. Lauren (verified owner)

    I am so impressed by this foundation. No one nearby sells this brand, so I called first to ask for samples and out of the 3 shades they sent, cream beige was the perfect match for me. (It really helps if you can tell them whether you have warm/cool/neutral undertones!). My face is a bit red and splotchy from terrible teenage acne, but like another reviewer said, I think my skin has improved while I’ve been using this over the past 2 weeks! I paired it with the anti-blotchiness primer (which I also mix with a bit of natural moisturizer), and the coverage between the two is amazing. I don’t even have to bother with concealer on what used-to-be, rather noticeable red spots. Love the ingredients, love the coverage, love the choice of shades. Thank you!

  16. natalien.cortez

    Great foundation! I am very impressed with this foundation coming from being a MAC user for about 4 years. My skin tone is a tan olive color and I selected true beige in this foundation. The color match is almost perfect! Next time I purchase I may go one shade lighter, however that may be too light. I use the medium beige in the Gabriel powder foundation to top off the liquid foundation to seal coverage in. The coverage combo of both products together is awesome! Very similar to MAC medium-full coverage minus all the chemicals and harsh affects on my skin. Absolutely love this product. I would like to see a primer come out soon because I’m still using a chemically primer …. But I have been tempted to make my own. Anyways, if you are a skeptical buyer and used to the current makeup you own but want a change, GO WITHE GABRIEL. You seriously won’t regret it. I can’t wait to try other Gabriel products. I apply the liquid foundation with a damp makeup sponge and top it off with applying the powder with a foundation brush.

  17. Frances Lopez

    Pale Ivory beautiful… My friend has used for many time… she bought it again… and…it was returned… why? same reason I returned… now the formula has changed it has fragance! she said smells like a poor quality lotion… she washed her face as soon she applied! Please! do not add fragance! it used to be fragance free! and was wonderful!!!

  18. Heidi

    This is the best foundation I have ever used. The Natural Beige bends in smooth and dewy , skin has never had such a soft glow. I have been using this for years.

  19. Kayla

    I rate the product itself a 5/5. It covers my Rosacea very well and flare ups don’t show through. In this regard it is perfect.

    However, I am not pleased to find out it contains retinyl palmitate, a cancerous tumour forming chemical. I’m not so sure this is natural and safe anymore and I cannot rationalise purchasing it again, because covering up my skin problem is not worth health problems later on in life.

  20. joannd13

    True love! Im a natural blonde, fair but not pink enough for the fairest shades due to my freckles, so natural beige is the closest match. 2 days before was color-matched at sephora for lancome’s longwearing (expensive) foundation and gave to a friend, didnt lay right on my skin, tried blender, brush, fingers, sunscreen/no sunscreen. Yuck! This foundation is moisturizing but you cant tell where or when it rubs off, no patches just blurs my imperfections all day!

  21. Georgia (verified owner)

    This is my favorite! I have a hard time finding foundation light enough for my skin tone, but pale ivory is perfect. I also have extremely dry skin, and most foundations just make my dry spots stand out. This stuff is hydrating and makes my skin look suple without being heavy or greasy. It doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing foundation. I also like that you can build up the coverage to your liking. I’ve experimented with alot of other foundations and always come back to this one.

  22. Elizabeth

    I use True Beige and it matches/blends so well that I can use it on specific areas of my face (don’t have to cover whole face with it). It is light-feeling and gentle on my sensitive skin. Looks very natural.

  23. Tamara

    Just discovered Gabriel cosmetics. Love the finish and feel of this foundation. Along with the Dual Powder this is perfection. So soft and velvety.
    Love that it is has SPF and is healthy, natural, VEGAN, and cruelty free. Excited to try other products. Love this line first and Zuzu Luxe 2nd.

  24. Alasha

    I am African American. I live in the desert. This product is amazing. The dark rich tone is perfect for me. The hydration I get and long lasting coverage has been outstanding during the winter months. Can’t wait til summer to see if the foundation performs in 100 plus degrees.

  25. Carrie (verified owner)

    I would call this is a medium coverage. As someone who is allergic to most all makeup brands this is a life saver! I truly love this foundation. It does run a bit darker than I expected but it’s not a big issues.

  26. Peggy Testa (verified owner)

    I have been using Gabriel foundation for 10 years and love it! The quality is consistent and it is easy to apply. I began using it after my breast cancer diagnosis, because I realized that it is very important to know what you are putting on your skin, and I wanted only natural ingredients to be absorbed into my skin. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter the skin type of hue. There is enough variety for everyone to find a color to match their skin.

  27. Carri Foote

    I used to buy Gabriel True Beige foundation but with the last two bottles it seemed the formula had changed. There was very little pigment, yet way too much oil. I wasn’t getting any coverage! Not sure if it was a formula mistake or a permanent change. So I went off of Gabriel for 1 year and used cheap foundations, while hoping to research another pure product to switch to. My skin didn’t do so well during that year and I never settled on another pure product to replace Gabriel.. I started getting milia (white bumps under the skin) and found out they do not go away without surgical help. It just dawned on me, it might be because of using cheap foundations. I’m thinking of going back to my gabriel because I know my color match, it’s pure and not too expensive. I only hope they’ve corrected the lack of pigment and imbalance of oil. I hope I’m not disappointed, because I used to love this product.

  28. Kristin

    I’ve tried 100s of foundations natural and not and this is one of the best !!
    It’s literally fool proof , I grabbed the wrong shade (too light and too pink)
    But it still some how worked , you can layer it and it doesn’t get cakey, just a natural build able foundation . Don’t ever change your formula !

  29. debaura

    I used to be a huge fan and used rose beige for a gazillion years. > Then recently, or so I was told, they changed labs and clearly with it the formulation. > It went on like powder and dried before I could even blend it. > Further the colour had gone to an orangy bias. > My bottle was kindly replaced… but little better than my purchased. > I bought yet one more bottle only to have my now HUGE disappointment confirmed. Why oh why did you have to mess with a good product. > I am sadly now searching for a replacement after being a hugely loyal customer.

  30. fetchbarbie (verified owner)

    so i got the shade truffle. was kinda dissappointed that the undertones are described as cool brown when this is definitely a warm/red foundation. i also hate the packaging. they definitely should change it to a pump. it takes years for me to drip it out onto my beauty blender, its like the product is just sitting there stuck. despite all of that i still reccomend the foundation itself. i just took a star off for the lack of a pump, and another for the color. i wish the color was a bit more yellow and cool. if u are between nw47/50 this shade should work.but its red.

  31. Kimmypoo

    I saw this cosmetic line at the local Sprout Farmer’s Market in my area and I decided to try the liquid foundation( Truffle shade) after reading the ingredients fact. Trust me, I am so happy I did. I get a lot of compliments every time I used it. The foundation blends so well on my skin and it gives me a natural glow that is just so hard to explain. Great product! With my acne prone skin, I am so glad I found a foundation that my skin can tolerate without causing breakout.
    I took out one star because the container does not have a pump which makes it hard to get the product out and kind of unsanitary too.

  32. Kathleen

    I just purchased the Gabriel’s Pale Ivory Foundation at Seattle Fremont’s PCC. I am so happy, it’s a perfect match for my complexion, goes on easily and looks so natural. In the past I have so much difficulty finding right color and coverage, I’m a medium coppery red head with green eyes. Wow, thank you, will purchase again.

  33. Ms. Peck (verified owner)

    My favorite foundation ever. True Beige is such a good shade for me. I love how natural, healthy, and tan it looks…not yellowy or orange like a lot of other natural brands’ foundations. It is also safe for those how have sensitive and/or acne prone skin.

  34. Clara Sherwin

    I bought the pale ivory neutral shade and found it went on the correct shade but after a minute or so it became too dark for my skin. The formula is VERY moisturizing and I found I needed a lot of setting powder to keep my face from becoming too shiny. Overall, not a bad foundation but I probably will not be buying again unless a lighter shade comes out.

  35. Sharon

    I would give it a 5 but my complaint is the difficulty trying to get even a drop out of the bottle. It is like it is stuck in there. Give us a better way to get it out please.

  36. Robin

    Looks appealing however I looked up only one of the last ingredients titanium dioxide and it is carcinogenic . I’m disappointed I am looking so hard to find an all natural foundation

  37. Judy Hluchy

    I just bought the true beige foundation a few days ago. I love the color, it blends very nice on my skin however I can’t shake it out of the bottle it is so thick! I have used a small makeup spatula to get it out. Not sure if I want to continue to do that because it seems there would be a lot wasted if I can’t get it all out. Any suggestions for thinning it so it pours out easier? Thank you.

  38. Delanie Markle (verified owner)

    Really like this foundation and love that it’s gluten free! But you have to buy the additional pump (only $1). Otherwise it is almost impossible to get out of the bottle. I wish the pump would come standard with the bottle but it doesn’t.

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