Blender Brush


Gabriel Cosmetics Blender Brush features a long tapered bristle design to effortlessly soften and blend harsh color lines. The ideal beauty tool for creating a smoky eye. Part of our Professional Brush Series this cruelty-free brush features both natural pony and goat hair. Gabriel brushes are packaged in EVA sleeves, an Eco-friendly material.


Though they may perform the same tasks, all makeup brushes are not created equal, and that’s why Gabriel is synonymous with top-notch cosmetic tools. The type of hair used in a brush determines its porosity (ability to hold and disperse pigment) and flexibility. Each brush head is hand-stacked, never cut, to retain the soft, natural point of each hair. Hard, blunted edges can irritate sensitive skin and the delicate eye area. Goat and pony hairs are gathered each winter as they’re shed from the animals’ tails (that’s when they are the softest), so no creature is ever harmed.  Our brushes are Fair Trade and Sustainable, they are made from natural birch wood.


Use a clean Blender Brush in a sweeping motion over lids focusing on the crease.


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