Gabriel Green

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. Green

Return any 5* containers of Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.
Products and receive 1 lipstick of your choice.

  • Eligible containers from Gabriel, Clean Kids Naturally, & Zuzu Luxe
  • *Items not eligible for Gabriel Green are: clear brush pouches, promotional packaging material, any boxes that Gabriel Organics, Gabriel and Zuzu Luxe comes in.
  • 1 lipstick of your choice from either Gabriel or Zuzu Luxe. Does not include lip gloss.
  • FINAL EXCHANGE: lipstick is non refundable and cannot be exchanged
  • Cannot be redeemed in store. Retail customer is responsible for shipping empty containers to:
Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.
Attn: Gabriel Green
PO Box 409
Redmond WA 98073
  • Please enclose a note along with your returned containers stating which lipstick you would like and where to ship.

Thank you for being a loyal and earth conscious Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. customer.

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