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Did You Know? Our Refillable Products Will Change the Way You Shop

At Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. we believe in and utilize the healing ingredients that come from our earth and are passionate about protecting and preserving them, which is why—without compromising aesthetics, functionality, or accessibility—we are committed to sustainable natural beauty and earth-conscious practices that keep our ocean blue, our planet green, and our animals safe.

One small thing we’ve done to help follow that mission? Make several of our products refillable to reduce waste, lower our plastic footprint, and encourage our customers to consume less (and they’re also more wallet-friendly!).

Currently our Dual Powder Foundation, Curated Eyeshadow Palettes, Eco Palettes, and Mineral Bronzer have the option to be purchased as refills. When purchasing one of the above products for the second time, simple visit the product page on our website and select “Refill” in the dropdown menu instead of “Full Size” and then add it to your cart.

Learn more about our commitment to reducing waste, sustainability, and our recycle program here.