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An advanced corrective technique.

For the most part, a good concealer will do the trick, but what about those skin concerns that are more than a blemish?  Let’s talk about ZuZu Luxe Color Correcting Primers and how to pick the right one for your skin.

color wheel

By looking at the color wheel and choosing the opposite shade, you can ‘cancel’ out that tone with the corresponding shade.
  • Yellow cancels redness and bluish undertones (think bruising or under eye circles)
  • Lilac cancels yellow (sallow complexions)
  • Mint Green cancels redness (blemishes and rosacea)
  • Pastel Pink enhances the look of blood flow allowing dull-looking skin to catch natural light


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Universal primer works on all skin tones.  Using a small amount, apply all over face before foundation to fill in fine lines and reduce the appearance of large pores.  This leaves the skin with a primed canvas for smoother makeup application.


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Dull-looking skin can naturally occur as we get older and our skin’s metabolism slows down.  Which means blood flow, the skin’s natural exfoliation process and oil production slow down too.  This can leave the skin looking dry and rough.

The Anti-Dullness corrector is designed to brighten a dark area, such as under eye circles or if you have a more yellow-green undertone, opting for this pastel pink corrector naturally brightens the area.
For under-eye circles, apply a concealer first, then dab directly to bags to erase dark circles and reflect light.


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Sallow skin appears yellow or pale.  The skin can appear sallow due to smoking, improper nutrition, and other health problems. Starting on clean, moisturized skin, apply a small amount of the Anti-Sallowness CC Primer onto the highest points of the skin (cheekbones, bridge of nose, and chin) to give your skin that pick-me-up.  Follow with your favorite Gabriel or ZuZu liquid foundation.


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To neutralize too much “flush” from acne or rosacea, you can opt for a mint colored CC Primer.  Apply a small amount directly onto the red area.  A little bit goes a long way, so if you have a larger area to cover, I suggest mixing a little with your moisturizer.


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This yellow color corrector works great on olive or tan skin to cancel out dark circles, dark patches and mild redness.

We hope this helps you select the Color Correcting Primer that best suits your needs.

-Team Gabriel

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