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Trend To Try: Upside Down Eye Makeup

Posted on September 18 2017

Trend To Try: Upside Down Eye Makeup

Want to go bold? Search no further than the latest and most head-turning red carpet beauty trend: upside down eye makeup.

This edgy look is exactly what the name implies – a pop of color worn just under your eyes while the top lid remains bare – and it's super easy to DIY. The secret to getting the best results is to choose a shade that works well with your eye color and also pairs harmoniously with the rest of your makeup (i.e. your blush and lipstick). While blue is a celebrity-favorite hue for this trend, any tint that’s opposite your eye color on the color wheel will pop.

Follow the instructions for this unexpectedly chic look below.

  1. Select a non-smudge eyeliner and eyeshadow in the same high-impact color (or something very similar). We recommend our Eyeliner in Ocean and our Eyeshadow in Ice Princess.
  2. After applying Eye Primer and Black Mascara, take your liner and rim the bottom inner lash line. Make sure not to leave any gaps between your lashes.
  3. Draw a line directly below that – not any thicker than to where your bottom lashes touch your face – and softly smudge as you go to avoid a harsh appearance.
  4. Press your matching shadow over the entire lash line with a Blender Brush and blend.
We promise – your look will have everyone buzzing.

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