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Spring/Summer 2018 Nail Trends To Try Now

Posted on May 16 2018

Spring/Summer 2018 Nail Trends To Try Now

We love a perfect pale pink manicure as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to mix things up every now and again. It’s prime time to try out some of the biggest Nail Polish trends of the season—check out our favorites below.

Abstract Designs. Everything from bold checkers to graphic swirls and pretty petals to random waves were spotted on the spring/summer 2018 runways. Recreate the look by picking a few standout shades and painting on your favorite shapes.

Opaque Pastels. Think soft gray, baby pink, and pure white. This season is all about neutrals with a clean and restrained spin—our top picks: Dawn (pale pink), Chrysalis (lavender grey), and Iceberg (glossy white). For something more unique, try color-blocking two of the hues in geometric fashion.

Monograms. Whether it’s your own initials, some else’s, or the logo of your favorite brand, letters are in right now. Paint them on using your signature hue and your nails will be noticed in no time.

Metallic Details. Icy silvers and glowing golds are popular picks. Keep it classic with a crowd-pleasing regular metallic paint job, or mix it up with an ombre design or metal-dipped French tips. Our shades Chrome and Treasure Chest get the job done.

Floral Accents. We know, florals for spring—groundbreaking. But these aren’t your average blooms. Both literal and abstract, anything remotely resembling a pollenating plant goes. From a delicate pink rose to technicolor poppies and simple dots to form a flower.

Uniform Lines. Keep things fresh by starting with a base of clear or nude polish, and then paint a thin line horizontally or vertically down the center of your nail, a trio of diagonal lines, or trace a strip along your cuticle using a dark color like black or navy blue.

Ready to try one (or two!) out? Shop our endless array of “10-free” Nail Polish shades now.

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