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7 Pretty Spring Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try

Posted on March 26 2019

7 Pretty Spring Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try

Spring has officially sprung, and that means it’s time for a fresh set of beauty trends to test out. There were plenty of runway looks to take makeup cues from this season—ranging from simple to bold—and we can’t wait to get out of our winter rut and into a spring state of mind so we can try them all.

From super bronzed skin to technicolor manicures, here are seven makeup trends that you’re about to see everywhere.

Extra Sun-Kissed Skin. Think bronzed goddess dripping in gold. It’s all about the glow this spring—go overboard with champagne and metallic shades to give your skin a sun-kissed and very healthy dose of shimmer. Use our Mineral Bronzer in conjunction with our Mineral Highlighter to achieve the look.

Rainbow Nails. This playful manicure allows you to wear all of your favorite spring shades at once. Simple apply a different one on each nail, mirrored on both hands. To pull it off, pick up five complementary but distinctive colors. We recommend the quintuple of polishes in our Ephemeral Beauty Nail Collection—Rose Quartz, Wave, Breeze, Cactus, and Moonstone.

Graphic Cat-Eye. The eyeliner game has been upped this season. From graphic designs to vibrant colors, it’s all about going bold with your liner. Our Liquid Eyeliner in Amethyst, Nile, or Storm will add an element of surprise and make your peepers pop.

Vibrant Red Lips. Usually reserved for fall and winter, red lips were big on the spring catwalks—but with an orange twist. The scarlets of choice were infused with the bright hue, making the tones warmer and ready for the sun. Try our shades Sin, Coral, Tea Rose, or Siren.

Bold Brows + Lashes. By now we should know that bold, bushy brows aren’t going anywhere. This time around they were paired with heavy mascara and a clear glossy lip. For head-turning peepers, apply our Clear Mascara to your brows and lashes, and then follow up with our Cream Brow Pencil and Onyx Mascara, respectively. Top the look off with a few coats of our Lip Gloss in Crystal.

Matchy Monochrome. Maintain a makeup theme by using one or two similar tones on your entire face. Choose a pale pink or pastel peach that feels like spring, and work that color into your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Try wearing our Lip & Cheek Cream in Daybreak on all three, pair our Powder Blush in Vibrant Pink with our Lipstick in Sheer Pink, or wear our Powder Blush in Apricot with our Lip Gloss in Luscious.

Watercolor Shadow. Put down your neutral eyeshadow and pull out the color. Use our Daydream Palette to create the look—simply apply the four shades in concentrated areas around your eyes, then use a small brush to blend them together. The resulting pastel look is beautiful and anything-but-basic.

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