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5 Makeup Trends To Try Before Summer Ends

Posted on August 01 2018

5 Makeup Trends To Try Before Summer Ends

August has officially arrived, which means that pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweater-wearing season is just around the corner. In makeup speak? Now is your last chance to test out those warm weather trends you’ve been meaning to try since June.

Here are the five that should make your end-of-summer bucket list:

  1. Neon Shades
Stop traffic in a blindingly bright neon shade—swipe an electric hue (like day-glow red, fluorescent orange, or hot pink) on your eyes or lips and keep the rest of your makeup simple.
  1. Ultra-Glossy Lips
Nothing makes a statement quite like an eye-catching pout, and high-shine lips are the best way to draw attention to your pucker. Simply apply a few coats of our Lip Gloss in Crystal over your favorite Lipstick. For tips on how to achieve the look, click here.
  1. Extreme Eyeliner
Stretch your cat-eye to the extreme and wrap black around your entire peeper. Trace Liquid Eyeliner along your top and bottom lashes, and connect the two lines at both the inner and outer corners—basically creating two wings. Finish by applying the same product to your waterline.
  1. Bold Blush
Sweep the powder from your temples down to your cheeks, as you would a highlighter. Use a warm shade like orange or red—try Sunset, Apricot, or Molten—combine multiple tones for an even more dramatic look. For more on how to rock bold blush, head this way.
  1. Sparkles Everywhere
Amp up the twinkle and shine by adding rhinestones—to your hair, on your lash line, across your cheeks, or covering your lips. For a subtle approach, apply a single crystal to the inner corner of your eyes. Pair it with silver eyeshadow—like our metallic shade Vertigo—to brighten up your face.

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